Workplace Rapid Antigen Testing

Healgen Rapid Antigen Test kits in stock

$6.50 + GST per test (boxes of 5 or 20).

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    MedPro has Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits in stock and available for purchase. These play an important part in mitigating risks of outbreaks of Covid-19, protecting your workmates, friends, and whanau.

    The tests do not replace the usual mask-wearing, hand hygiene, and social distancing guidelines.

    RATs will play an important role in identifying COVID-19 cases this flu season. You can learn more in our article: Managing flu and COVID-19 in the workplace.



    • 5 pack of tests, $32.50 (excl. GST).
    • 20 pack of tests, $130.00 (excl. GST)

    $6.50 per test, excluding GST


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    • Same day dispatch and collection is available from our Auckland office.
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    • Stock is non-refundable once collected or shipped from MedPro.

    Orient Gene COVID-19 Nasal Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit (Also called Healgen)

    • Available in 5 test and 20 test packs
    • Tested for use with COVID-19 Omicron
    • Ministry of Health approved
    • 98.74% accuracy
    • Stock available now

    What is in a test kit

    All necessary equipment and reagents are provided in individually sealed, sterile packaging.


    • Orient Gene Covid-19 test
    • Nasal swabs
    • Reagent in individual extraction tubes
    • Extraction vial caps

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can Rapid Antigen Testing help my business?

    Adding regular rapid antigen screening for your teams can improve your business continuity during these uncertain times. 

    With results in 15 minutes, you can make informed, real-time decisions for your teams’ safety.

    How is Rapid Antigen Testing different to PCR testing?

    PCR testing requires a registered health professional to collect samples from the back of the nasal cavity which are then sent to a laboratory for testing. Results can be delayed.

    Rapid Antigen testing provides results within 15 minutes and the sample is taken from the front and middle of the nasal cavity, making it less invasive.

    Is Rapid Antigen Testing a one off test?

    Due to the incubation period of the COVID-19 virus Rapid Antigen Testing is recommended as a series of tests, ranging from daily, every 2-3 days, or weekly depending on the risk level of an individual business. You are welcome to discuss your requirements with our team of registered nurses to develop the best plan for you and your workplace.

    What Rapid Antigen Tests are available?

    MedPro only supply RATs that have been approved by the Ministry of Health and have been rigorously tested for accuracy and specificity.

    We have Healgen COVID-19 Nasal Rapid Antigen Self-Test Kit (Also known as Orient Gene) in stock and available for purchase now.

    Do we still need to practice social distancing and other health measures if we are using Rapid Antigen Testing in the workplace?

    Regular Rapid Antigen Tests is an excellent tool for occupational health and safety but it is essential to continue with COVID-safe behaviours such as vaccination, wearing a mask, proper ventilation, physical distancing, and handwashing.

    Some people who contract COVID-19 will not experience symptoms. It is possible to transmit COVID-19 while showing no symptoms, and regular testing can help reduce the risk of outbreaks.

    What Happens if my Rapid Antigen Test is positive?

    A positive Rapid Antigen Test requires you to self-isolate for 7 days. You will need to log your result in  It is important that your household contacts also isolate for the same time as you.

    Who in my business should I get to use a RAT test?

    Regular Rapid Antigen testing is recommended for use in people who do not have symptoms of Covid-19. This means that infection is often caught early and before it has a chance to spread to colleagues and the community.

    It is recommended that all team members participate in Rapid Antigen Testing, however emphasis should be put on individuals with regular contact with larger groups of employees or members of the public, or are critical to maintaining the workflow of your company.

    Please note that in the event that a team member is symptomatic, they must go home and isolate and do a RAT test.

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