Workplace COVID-19 Services

Our Involvement in COVID-19 Services

Registered in 2004, MedPro is a recognised and trusted New Zealand provider of workplace vaccinations and health services. MedPro was one of the first private providers to be awarded a national contract to deliver Covid-19 vaccinations around New Zealand, and is now one of the Ministry of Health’s leading vaccination provider partners.

After working with MBIE and large businesses across New Zealand with the roll-out of the trials of rapid antigen testing kits, we are now proud to be a registered supplier of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits nationwide. 

Rapid Antigen Testing


MedPro now has Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits available for purchase by New Zealand companies. These will play an important part in mitigating risks of out breaks of Covid-19 in workplaces.

The tests are designed to be done in non-clinical settings, such as workplaces or at home. They do not replace PCR tests or the usual mask wearing, hand hygiene and social distancing guidelines.

These tests are not appropriate for people with symptoms. These individuals must not report to work, and should get a PCR test.

MedPro offers the Rapid Antigen test kits, training for your staff, support and reporting of the Rapid Antigen test results.


Employee Support & Advice

MedPro can provide a designated Covid-19 advice and support line for your employees to discuss vaccination, and current guidelines for isolation and testing.

With our dedicated support line employees can speak directly with our registered nurses and be supported with their Covid-19 questions without the wait times.


Please contact us on 09 838 3555 or email

Covid-19 Vaccination Service Questions

It is understandable to have questions about Covid-19 vaccination and testing.
The team at MedPro is here to help
Is vaccination mandatory?


 There are some sectors and business types where COVID-19 vaccinations are mandatory:

  • Border and managed isolation and quarantine workers
  • Education sector
  • Health and disability sector
  • Prison workers
  • NZ Police
  • NZ Defence Force
  • Workers covered by the My Vaccine Pass mandate — hospitality, events, close-contact businesses and gyms. The mandate also applies to on-site tertiary education when Red settings are in place.

This may be because they work with populations that:

  • are unable to be vaccinated
  • are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19
  • are at-risk of outbreaks.
What are the benefits of Rapid Antigen Testing in the workplace?


Rapid Antigen Testing provides confidential results in just 15 minutes  making it easier than ever to add routine testing to your COVID-19 risk management plan. 
Rapid Antigen Tests are very useful at detecting whether a person is infectious at the time of taking the test and provide an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your employees.


Why should we offer Covid-19 support to our employees?


Often it is crucial to have timely advice available to keep workplaces running smoothly. MedPro has a dedicated phone line available to companies so that staff can get advice on the most recent isolation and testing guideline from fully qualified, registered nurses. Additionally, vaccination is a proven method for reducing the spread of COVID-19 and many individuals who are reluctant to get the vaccine have concerns that can be addressed by a discussion with a qualified medical professional.

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